With an InstantTrust Marine UV waterfilter on board, you provide your boat or rv with a complete drinking water desinfection solution. With this compact device, which is developed together with Philips, you’ll never have to be worried about infected or spoiled drinking water on board. This complete solution is a real innovation for all RVers and boat owners. It can disinfect your drinking water with UVC light within a millisecond. After installation, you don’t have to worry about it. It is between your water supply and will turn on when your waterpump is running.

InstantTrust Marine isn’t like any other waterfilter for your RV or boat. It’s the most compact and most powerful UV water disinfection system that is worldwide available. Philips is the first company that managed to solve the drinking water situation on boats and RV’s with the InstantTrust UVC radiation. The device will always be together with a faucet filter or an in line filter.

The power of the device is with it’s simplicity. After installing the InstantTrust Marine the water coming from your water tank that flows for instance to your faucet, showerhead or toilet runs automatically through the UV unit which will kill 99,99% of all bacteria and viruses within one millisecond.

Membrane with activated carbon

The faucet filter that we offer will remove contaminants up to 0,01 micron. The faucet filter is an activated carbon filter with a membrane. The activated carbon removes all the bad odors and flavours from your water. The filtration technique of the faucet filter is unique, it works like a ‘sieve’ because only the water molecules can pass the microscopic pores of the membrane. It has similarities with reverse osmosis but there is no water wasted in the process.  

The minerals which are essential for the human body are retained. The best part of the tap filter is that the water will come right out of the filter directly into your glass. There is no water hose between the filter and your glass.

Less effort, more comfort

To remain fresh water is an ongoing job. One person makes an schedule, the other inspects the quality of the water on a regular basis. The amount of times you have to change the water in your tank depends on a lot of factors like the temperature, the amount of light and the material of the watertank. Of course you want to be sure that there won’t grow any slimy biofilm inside of the watertank. Regularly rinsing, cleaning and filling the water tank will be inevitable. However the InstantTrust Marine makes sure that the most contaminated water can be turned into safe drinking water. The main device is the InstantTrust UV Unit. This can disinfect up to 50,000 litres of water and can easily be replaced when this is needed.

As an indication: you would need 10,000 water purification tablets or 30,000 bottles of water 

Always clean drinking water on board

Bad taste and nasty odors may indicate that your water is polluted and corrupted. The main reason for this is that the water hasn’t moved for a while. To store your water safely and keep it odorless and tasty every boat needs a drinking water filter. The one we mentioned, the InstantTrust Marine always comes with a tap filter which will, after the UV disinfection, filter all the micro contaminants out of the water.

Thanks to Philips and InstantTrust Marine you now can purify your stored water on your RV or boat to clean, safe and tasteful drinking water. Always and everywhere!

Dankzij Philips en InstantTrust Marine kunt u vanaf nu zelf aan boord  uw opgeslagen water zuiveren tot schoon, veilig en smakelijk drinkwater. Altijd, en overal!