InstantTrust Marine with tapfilter

DescriptionArticle number: SKU: InstantTrust Marine with tap filter

The InstantTrust Marine with faucet filter is the best solution for clean drinking water on board. After installing this system you will always be assured of clean drinking water coming from the water tank.

The installation package contains the following:

  • 1× InstantTrust Marine (with all the cables you need)
  • 1× Tapfilter (with all possible adapters)
  • 1× Junction box
  • 3× Cable clamp with all the needed cables
  • 2x Adapter 20mm to 12mm
  • 2× Hose Clamp (16-27 mm)
  • 1x Manual (English)

Tap filter

  • Filterfunction can be turned off
  • Easy to install
  • Cartridge can filter up to 3,000 litres of water
  • Cartridge has to be changed every 3 months
  • Filters up to 0,01 micron

Download the manual here

Lifetime 50.000 litres
LxWxH 150×90×90 mm
Capacity Desinfects up to 10 litres per minute
Pressure loss No pressure loss
Battery 12 and 24 volt batteries
Maximum poweruse when taking water 2,2A @12V; 1,3A@24V
Maximum poweruse at rest 25mA (0,025A)
Filter Capacity 800 gallons or 3 months
Filters up to 0.01 micron