Installing the InstantTrust Marine

You can install the InstantTrust Marine in 3 steps

  • Connecting the water supply
  • Connecting the electricity
  • Mounting the faucet filter or the in line filter

Download the installation manual here.


Connecting the water supply 

Be sure that the water supply is turned off!

Screw the InstantTrust Marine to a wall or to the ground. You can also mount it to a custom made plank.

Cut the water hose and place the InstantTrust UV unit between it.

Fasten the hose to the InstantTrust UV unit with the hose clamps.

You cannot put force at the 2 hose connectors of the InstantTrust UV unit, it could break!



Connecting the electricity

There are 2 ways to connect the electricity of the InstantTrust Marine:



Mounting the faucet filter or the in line filter

Click the following links for the instructions of mounting the faucet or in line filter



This is an instruction video of installing the InstantTrust Marine (Dutch)

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