In-line filter complete

DescriptionArticle number: SKU: In-line Filter

This filter with membrane and activated carbon is installed in-line of the water supply, and removes all harmful microorganisms, dangerous chemicals and potential odors and tastes. It’s simply turns disinfected water into tasteful drinking water, while the essential minerals are retained in the water.

The in-line filter comes with hose adapters with a diameter of 12 and 20 millimetres, to easily connect the filter to any hose or pipe. Mounting brackets allow you to attach the filter to for example a wall or wooden shelf.

In contrast to the tap filter, the in-line filter does not allow you to temporarily switch off the filtration function. The filter can process about 10,000 litres of water, but this way it consumes its capacity quicker than the tap filter. With regular use, we recommend replacing the filter cartridge every year.