Faucet Water Filter

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This faucet filter with membrane and activated carbon can be attached to the water tap, and removes all harmful microorganisms, dangerous chemicals and potential odors and tastes. It’s simply turns disinfected water into tasteful drinking water. Only the essential minerals are retained in the water.

In contrast to the in-line filter, the faucet filter allows you to 'switch' between filtered and unfiltered water, by simply rotating the water selection lever. You have a choice of either a stream or a spray of unfiltered water, or a spray of filtered water. When only choosing for filtered water when you need it, the filter lasts longer.

The filter can process about 3,000 litres of water. We recommend replacing the filter cartridge every 3 to 6 months. All fittings that are necessary to attach the filter to your faucet are included.


• Tap filter lets you choose between filtered and unfiltered water → extends duration
• Contains hollow fiber membrane and activated carbon
• Can process about 3,000 litres (replace every 3 to 6 months)
• Filters up to 0,01 micron