How it works

What is InstantTrust Marine?

The InstantTrust Marine filters water coming from your drinking water tank. Your own water treatment device on board.

Without an InstantTrust Marine on board.

With an InstantTrust Marine on board.

The system consists of two parts:

The InstantTrust UV Unit

InstantTrust Marine

This UV unit cleans the water. It is able to kill all virusses and bacteria within a millisecond. You can connect it directly to your water pump or you can connect it to a flow switch who will detect if the water is running or not. It’s also possible to connect the InstantTrust UV unit to a wall socket.

The cold or warm water flows through a hollow tube and the UVC radiation desinfects the passing water within a millisecond. The functioning of the lamp has similarities to a fluorescent tube, but without the poisonous mercury. The UVC radiation created by the lamp will reach through the glass of the lamp. 


InstantTrust Marine

What are differences with other UV water treatment solutions?

  InstantTrust UV Other UV systems
Start up time Less than a millisecond Minutes
Sustainability No mercury in the lamp Mercury available inside the lamp
Size It fits in your hand Larger systems
Energy Only uses energy when tapping water Constant energy use
Freshness Cold water remains cold Water could heat up
Certification World wide No certification most of the time


The tap filter

The tapfilter is the best filter on the market today. It can filter up to 0,01 micron. It removes the smallest particles from the water. The tap filter als brings back the flavour of the water. You can mount the tap filter at the end of your tap. The lifetime of the tapfilter is 3.000 litres or 3 months.

The 4-stage filtration
Four-stage filtration catches even the most microscopic contaminants.

Removes rust, sediments and bigger particles.

Granular activated carbon (GAC)
InstantTrust Marine uses high-grade activated carbon to remove residual chlorine and other chemicals from the unfiltered tap water.

Second screen
Ensures rust, sediments and bigger particles removal.

Hollow fiber membrane filter
This advanced multilayer hollow fiber membrane filters remove rust, bacteria, coliform bacilli, microorganisms and microscopic impurities from water and other liquid solutions without removing calcium, magnesium and other minerals essential to the human body.


The same membrane technology is used in dialyzer to purify blood in the medical field.

You can choose different positions, it is possible to choose to let the water flow through the filter if you tap a glass of water. It is also possible to save the filter and let the water flow through the tap. With this water you can wash your hands or do the dishes. This water already passed the UV system and all the bacteria en virusses have been killed.

Don’t you want a filter attached to your tap?

We also have a different solution called the In line filter. This filter you can place close to the tap or before the InstantTrust UV unit. All the water will flow through this filter so there will always be some pressure loss. The in line filter will filter up to 5 micron and the lifetime is about 10.000 litres or 1 year.