Excellent UVC Sediment replacement filter

DescriptionArticle number: SC4510MB10

Sediment Cartridge for the Excellent UVC

  • Sized for whole house sumps
  • Superior resistance to chemical and bacterial attack
  • No glues or additives to foam or discolor water

Features & Benefits

Diameter: 4.5" (112mm)
Length: 9.75" (249mm)
Nominal Micron Rating: 10 micron

Certifications: NSF Standard 42

Important Notice

Performance claims are based on a complete system. The filter must be used in an approved system and operating according to the system’s specifications. Each application must be followed in order for the filter to perform properly.


These filters are to only be used with microbiologically safe water. The filter is not designed to kill or remove bacteria or viruses. If you want to have a complete solution we offer the Excellent UVC.