1. Health risks

On the long term, frequent use of water purification tablets may affect your health. Besides the chemicals (chlorine/iodine/chlorine dioxide) that you add to the water with these tabs, the disabled microorganisms and further contaminants remain in the water. The water still smells and looks the same as it was before using the water purification tablet. Turbid water stays turbid.

2. Nasty taste

Water purification tablets don’t remove  odors or tastes from the water. They may even contribute to a bad taste of the water.

3. No drinking water approvals

Water purification tablets in general don’t have any drinking water approvals. There are no published tests that indicate the quality of drinking water after using these tablets.

This proves once again that water purification tablets don’t have a bright future. Environmental requirements are becoming increasingly strict. We predict that water purification tablets will eventually disappear from the stores. 

4. Expensive

One box of water purification tablets is not the problem. If you are using these tabs on every boat trip, it might be smarter to think of a more durable solution. Meanwhile reverse osmosis filters and UV water disinfection systems might fit your situation better. Discover our website, to find out more about the compact, powerful and durable solution InstantTrust Marine offers.


Instead of lugging expensive bottles of drinking water on board, boiling water before you drink it or adding chemicals is order to kill bacteria and viruses, we offer you a UV purification solution that comes with tap- or in-line filter which removes nasty tastes and smells.

Let's see here how the InstantTrust Marine works!