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InstantTrust Marine is developed in collaboration with Philips and disinfects water by means of UV radiation. It is a complete chemical-free water purification solution for clean, safe and tasteful drinking water on board. Using water purification tablets, stocking bottled water and carrying heavy bottles from the store now belongs to the past. Drinking water from boat water tanks, it's never been so easy!

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InstantTrust Marine & Philips

In collaboration with Philips, the InstantTrust Marine was born. A compact device that can disinfect water with UV light in contrast to the Seagull IV waterfilter. InstantTrust also works without chemicals. It’s the ultimate solution for clean, safe and tasteful drinking water on board. Regularly refreshing and  cleaning the water tank on your boat, the stock of bottled water and the use water purification tablets on board will belong to the past with Instant Trust Marine. Being able to purify your own water source is now available for everyone.

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The InstantTrust Marine is a groundbreaking innovation in the field of water disinfection on board. Water is pumped from the water tank to a tap passing the Philips UV-C lamp: within a millisecond it eliminates all microorganisms. A membrane filter with activated carbon will remove further micro-pollutants and brings back the taste. So you have pure mineralized drinking water, suitable for consumption and cooking. Learn how to easily purify water to drinking water with Instant Trust Marine, visit our 'working' page.

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Reliable drinking water on board

Are you, like us, also convinced of the undeniable advantages of Instant Trust Marine? Look no further and give yourself the extremely good Instant Trust Marine! Indeed, we find that everyone deserves 'instant' reliable drinking water on board.


Clean drinking water on board

Convinced by the many advantages of this unique water disinfection solution? Then look no further! Next time you set sail, let InstantTrust Marine accompany you on your journey.


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All-in-one drinking water solution

This UV-C device ensures clean drinking water.

The water flows through the filter and is then exposed to UV-C radiation. This radiation is produced by a UV-C lamp and makes sure virusses and bacteria will get no chance to develop themselves.

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