RV Water Filter: Clean drinking water everywhere you go

Is it possible to have clean drinking water while RVing?

With InstantTrust Marine it is!

With the InstantTrust Marine you can make your own best tasting, safe drinking water wherever you are.

Must have equipment for your vehicle

Water supply is maybe the most important supply for your vehicle. You need the best water treatment system available for your caravan, yacht, or your recreational vehicle. Using state of the art technology, UVC, and KDF as well as activated carbon and hollow fiber membranes.

Our recreational vehicle water treatment systems, are easy to install, easy to maintain, very affordable and most important top of line effective for cleaning you water supply.

If you are sick of buying bottles of water or just want to be sure your water is safe, the InstantTrust Marine is the RV waterfilter for you. Here you can find complete waterfilter systems, replacement articles and parts you might need for installation.

Our water filtration system will solve all your RV water problems. Philips has got years of experience with UV water disinfection. They recently announced the newest water disinfection technology especially designed for RV’s. We looked for existing solutions within the RV waterfilter market and came to the conclusion that UV disinfection is the best possible water disinfection technology there is.

There are several UV systems out there. But there are also disadvantages that come with these systems. They are for instance energy consuming; they have to be always turned on because of the start-up time of a few minutes. It will then also heat your water up.

You can read all about that here. 

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