Excellent UV-C (1500)

DescriptionArticle number: 2015-001

The housing of the Excellent UV-C is all stainless steel and ¾" threaded connections. It is designed to disinfect large quantities of water. It can be installed on larger yachts, RV's, motorhomes and at home. The maximum capacity is 1,500 liters per hour.

The UV radiation that causes this UVC device generates makes sure that bacteria, viruses and other germs have no chance to develop. It will give legionella no choice. The Excellent UV-C is provided with a high frequency electronic ballast. This absorbs current fluctuations and protects the lamp.

Maximum flow: 1,500 liters per hour
Maximum pressure: 5 bar
Height: 47.5 cm

Lifetime 8.000 hours
Capacity 1500 litres per hour
Pressure loss No
Power usage Continuous